Warren Watson

“We’re not handicapped, we’re handicapable.”

Living with a visual impairment is something Warren Watson has dealt with all his life. As a pre-mature infant, Warren was placed in an incubator which caused him to develop cataracts.  Cataracts cause clouding of the lens in your eye and interferes with your vision.

Warren is no stranger to the help that Evansville Association for the Blind has to offer the visually impaired. Warren took his first tour of EAB when he was 9. Throughout his schooling, he went to EAB for any items he needed to help make living with his impairment easier. After completing school, Warren was sent to work in the factory of EAB through Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Association.

Warren has worked in the factory for the past 29 years. He enjoys having somewhere that he can not only work but also a place that has services that can help him live easier with his visual impairment.  Warren had this to say about why the factory at EAB is so important, “Vision impaired need work just like anyone else to make them feel good about themselves.”

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