Sonny Traylor

Sonny and his wife traveled in an RV across country after they retired. They enjoyed sightseeing and having new experiences every day. Unfortunately, his wife’s vision started to deteriorate and they had to return back to Evansville to get her the care she needed. She received this care through Evansville Association for the Blind’s Low Vision Program. When Sonny started to lose his vision, he knew exactly who to turn to for help, EAB. Because of the help his wife received, he knew what kind of support he would be getting.

Sonny was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, a condition affecting older adults that results in loss of center vision due to damage to the retina. Sonny went through various treatments to correct his vision, but doctors were unable to do much for him. Sonny didn’t want to let his MD slow him down and EAB gave him and his wife the basic help they needed to maintain their everyday lives.

Now, after his wife has passed away, Sonny looks to EAB not only for help with everyday living but also as a place of support. Every Monday, you can find Sonny in the Low Vision lounge playing Clabber with other members of the Low Vision group. He also likes to attend the informative sessions, the Low Vision Coordinator holds, to learn new ways to make living with vision impairment easier.

Without EAB, Sonny wouldn’t be able to continue the active lifestyle he has. When asked why he enjoyed the Low Vision Program, he stated, “Anything you need they will help you with, but most importantly, EAB has given me a place of support.”

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