Industrial Division

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Our Capabilities

Our modern industrial operation produces subcontract work for local, national, and international businesses and industries. We have 124,000 square feet of plant, warehouse and office space available to adapt to meet YOUR industrial needs.

Made in America by Disabled Workers

We employ over 125 people in a modern industrial operation. The manufacturing processes have been designed to accommodate the workers’ disabilities and to produce quality products at a fair price to you. At the same time we strive to enhance the workers’ pride and independence. And because EAB is a local business employing local people, the living wages that they earn stay in the local economy.

Our Industrial Division Boasts:

  • 124,000 square feet of plant, warehouse, and office space
  • 9 loading docks
  • In-house transportation
  • Computer-monitored inventory

Our Industry Division Services:

  • Bagging and packaging, including skin packing and shrink wrapping
  • Fulfillment services
  • Parts assembly & sub-assembly
  • Inspection & re-selection

EAB Industries has served the following companies:

  • Ameriqual
  • ARDAGH Group,Inc.
  • Berry Global
  • Escalade Sports
  • Flanders
  • MetroNet
  • Parson Adhesives
  • ProMark

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