Job Placement Program

IMG_0119The Job Placement Program’s main mission is to assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining successful employment in the community through advocacy, job training, and follow-up services that ensure the employee’s goals and needs are met.

Vocational Rehabilitation is one funding source that often sponsors a client in the job placement program. It is the client’s responsibility to contact his or her VR Counselor to set up a meeting to determine eligibility into the program.

The services provided by EAB to the Vocational Rehabilitation client in this program are to work in cooperation with potential employers to hire qualified workers. A skilled and qualified Job Placement Specialist will be provided for the recently hired employee, and the specialist will remain in contact with the new employee to insure a smooth transition. These services are at no charge to the employer or the candidate that the Job Placement Specialist is assisting.

Why Work with EAB?

  1. A ready pool of qualified candidates
  2. Contact with a job placement specialist when a need arises
  3. Job placement specialist will continue follow up with the new employee to ensure a smooth transition into the workplace.
  4. Job placement specialist provides assistance in explaining employer’s requirements under the A.D.A.
  5. Job placement specialist will explain the tax benefit that employer’s company can access by hiring one of EAB’s candidates for employment.
  6. Candidates can provide employers with a stable work force in those hard to place positions where there is a high turnover.

Job Trial

Another service provided is the Job Trial which provides an individualized and systematic process in which an individual, in partnership with EAB’s qualified staff, learns to identify viable vocational options and develop employment goals and objectives. Employers can utilize a work trial portion of the Job Placement Program to ensure that the employer is completely satisfied with the choice of the employee.

The Job Placement Specialist prescreens and evaluates clients to ensure a proper job match, provides assistance with resume building, filling out applications, professional interviewing skills, community resources for clothing if needed, transportation services if needed, and constant contact with each individual to ensure progress is being made.

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