What We Do

EAB educates, employs, and empowers individuals through a variety of services. Our organization enables disabled persons with the necessary skills to live an advantageous lifestyle.

Services We Offer:

Rehabilitation Services

  • Career Development Center
  • Vocational evaluations
  • Computer Training
  • Off-site Computer Training
  • JAWS
  • Trial Work Experience
  • Determine the physical, mental, and/or vocational potential of the individual
  • Determine the feasibility and necessity for placement in competitive market
  • Realistic vocational objectives
  • Vocational strengths  and weaknesses

Community Services

  • Low Vision
  • Low Vision Evaluations
  • Support Group
  • Low Vision Activities
  • Cooking Class
  • Home Visits
  • Mark Appliances
  • Public Presentations
  • Educational Speakers
  • Follow up services for products
  • Daily Living Skills for Veterans
  • Bi-monthly Newsletter
  • WNIN Radio Reading Service
  • Mall Walking
  • Orientation and Mobility
  • Orientation and Mobility Evaluations
  • Cane Technique Training
  • Sighted Guide Training
  • Store Orientation
  • Residential Travel Training
  • Street Crossings
  • Business Travel Training
  • Map Usage
  • Bus Travel
  • Asking for Assistance


  • Summer College Program
  • Students with disabilities attend an on-campus summer program
  • University of Evansville
  • Experience firsthand the rigors of college life
  • Job Placement Program
  • Successful employment for disabled individuals
  • Interviews, application and resume help
  • Job Trials